Milford police arrest two juveniles for possession of stolen vehicle

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MILFORD — Two juvenile males were arrested early Monday morning after a Milford patrol officer discovered them with a stolen vehicle at a closed gas station, police said.

Patrolman Jake Mastrianna initiated a property check at Sam’s Energy on Main Street around 2:31 a.m. after noticing the youths at the gas pumps.

Upon checking the vehicle’s registration and VIN, Mastrianna found that both the license plate and the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Further investigation revealed that the vehicle’s steering column had been tampered with using a USB device, a method increasingly used in vehicle thefts.

The two juveniles were taken into custody at the scene without incident.

Both face charges related to the possession of the stolen vehicle, among other offenses, according to the Milford Police Department.

The department’s statement did not release the names or ages of the suspects, citing their juvenile status.

The incident is part of a larger trend of vehicle thefts involving sophisticated methods to bypass security systems.

Local authorities are advising residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity around vehicles, especially during late-night hours.

The Milford Police Department is continuing its investigation into the incident.

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