Massachusetts residents warned of scam calls posing as state police

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BOSTON — Massachusetts State Police are warning residents of a scam involving fraudulent phone calls that appear to be coming from official police phone numbers.

Authorities emphasize that the caller ID is being “spoofed” and the calls are not legitimate.

Several individuals have reported receiving calls where the person on the other end claims to be a member of the Massachusetts State Police or affiliated with the agency.

In other instances, the caller hangs up immediately after the call is answered.

Officials want to make it clear that the State Police are not currently conducting any fundraisers and do not engage in phone solicitations.

Residents are urged to hang up promptly if they receive a suspicious call and to avoid providing any personal or financial information.

The Massachusetts State Police also advise that if anyone is considering supporting a charity and wants to ensure its legitimacy, they should first verify the organization with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Corporation Division by calling 617-727-9640.

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