Kingston kids apologize for tampering with speed sign after police post

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KINGSTON — After a social media appeal by the Kingston Police Department, a group of juveniles accompanied by their mother visited the police station to apologize for repeatedly slapping a speed sign in the Rocky Nook neighborhood.

The original police post detailed the youngsters’ antics on Howland’s Lane, where they had been setting off a tamper alarm on a speed sign, prompting alerts and photographs to be sent to Sgt. Morgan.

The department shared an image with obscured faces, urging parents to speak to their children about respecting town property.

In an impressive response to the power of social media, the situation was resolved in under an hour from the initial online notification.

The police updated the community, noting that the juveniles had taken responsibility for their actions, and subsequently removed the photo from their post.

The department also used the opportunity to inform residents about their mobile speed-sign trailer, equipped with similar alarm and camera technology to address speeding issues in various neighborhoods.

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