Webster police warn of fraudulent concert ticket sales on Facebook

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WEBSTER — Webster Police Department has issued a warning about a recent surge in fraud reports involving concert tickets sold through Facebook.

Citizens have been falling prey to scammers who post seemingly attractive deals for concert tickets on local Facebook forums.

In each reported case, the Facebook accounts used to sell the tickets were hacked, meaning that the victims were not communicating with the actual account owners.

The scams often involve suspects requesting payment through PayPal or Venmo.

A significant red flag noted by the authorities is the mismatch between the account names on these payment platforms and the names on the hacked Facebook accounts.

The police department emphasizes the importance of not sending money to individuals you do not know, as these transactions are frequently scams.

Once the money is sent, it is challenging to recover the funds or identify the culprits.

Webster Police advises the community to purchase tickets only from verified and reputable sources, such as Ticketmaster and Stubhub, to avoid such scams.

Victims of similar fraudulent activities are encouraged to report their experiences to the Webster Police Department at 508-943-1212 for assistance.

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