Sanbornton police warn of scam calls exploiting officer deaths

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SANBORNTON — A scam targeting residents with fake fundraising calls for fallen police officers has been identified by the Sanbornton Police Department, following a report from a local first responder who received such a call today.

The fraudulent calls claim to be collecting donations for a fund to support the families of injured or killed police officers, an especially sensitive issue in the wake of the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of four officers in North Carolina.

According to the police department, the number used for the scam appeared to originate from New Hampshire, and the purported organization was referred to as the “Association of Friends of Police” or a similar name.

Authorities are alerting the public that these calls are not legitimate and are an attempt to exploit the recent officer deaths for financial gain.

While there are professional organizations that legitimately fundraise for such causes, the Sanbornton Police Department emphasizes that they would be informed of any official fundraising events and advises residents to contact them for verification of any solicitation they may receive.

The Sanbornton Police Department urges the community to be vigilant and to spread the word about this scam to prevent potential victims from being deceived.

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