Marblehead high school threat deemed unfounded after police search

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MARBLEHEAD — Interim Superintendent Theresa McGuinness and Police Chief Dennis King reported that Marblehead High School was placed on lockdown Monday afternoon following a call alleging an armed student on campus, which was later determined to be a false threat.

The Marblehead Police Department received a call shortly before 1 p.m. from an individual claiming to be inside the school with a firearm.

Officers were immediately dispatched to the location, and the school administration was notified of the potential danger.

McGuinness arrived at the school as it was placed into Hold Pass mode, restricting any unauthorized movement within the building.

A comprehensive search was initiated by police, covering all classrooms, lockers, and backpacks.

Despite the extensive efforts, no weapons were found, and by approximately 3 p.m., authorities concluded that the threat was not credible.

Students were then dismissed routinely, without further incident.

In the wake of the false alarm, the Marblehead Police Department has launched an investigation to identify the person behind the hoax call.

The department is urging anyone with information to contact School Resource Officer Sean Sweeney Jr. at 781-631-1212.

Following the incident, McGuinness and King communicated with the school community, expressing satisfaction with the swift activation and execution of the district’s safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of students and staff.

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