Keene police warn of email scam targeting Microsoft account users

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KEENE — In a recent advisory, the Keene Police Department has alerted residents of a sophisticated email scam that aims to compromise Microsoft account security by exploiting users’ fears of unauthorized activity.

According to authorities, the phishing emails are crafted to appear urgent, informing recipients that abnormal activity has been detected on their Microsoft accounts, leading to certain features being locked.

The message prompts the user to click on a provided link to review their account activity.

However, the Keene Police Department warns that the link directs to a fake Microsoft login page, designed to mirror the authentic website.

Any login information entered on this fraudulent page allows scammers to capture usernames and passwords, potentially leading to unauthorized access to personal information and accounts.

To protect against such phishing attempts, the police recommend vigilance and caution.

Users should be wary of emails that pressure them to act quickly.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and odd phrasing are common indicators of a scam.

Moreover, it is safer to navigate to official websites directly through a browser rather than clicking on links within emails.

The Keene Police Department urges citizens to report any suspicious emails and to contact them for further guidance on online security measures.

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