Montville police seek help identifying reckless motorcyclist

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MONTVILLE — Montville Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a motorcyclist who has been spotted driving recklessly on Raymond Hill Road.

Authorities have received multiple complaints over the past few weeks about a black street bike speeding and moving erratically in both directions of the road.

On April 27 at 1:45 p.m., an officer witnessed the motorcyclist navigating a curve at 60 mph in a zone marked for 30 mph.

Upon noticing the police presence, the individual continued to operate the bike recklessly, performing wheelies at high speeds.

A second attempt to stop the motorcyclist was made on RT 32, where the individual was seen performing additional wheelies and traveling at speeds exceeding 80 mph.

The Montville Police Department has expressed concern for public safety and is eager to identify the motorcyclist before they cause serious harm to themselves or others.

The motorcycle is described as a black street-style bike.

The rider was wearing an all-black helmet and a black leather jacket with orange writing across the chest.

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