Warwick police issue scam alert, warn residents of fraudulent schemes

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WARWICK — Warwick Police Department has issued a public alert regarding a recent wave of scams targeting local residents by imposters posing as reputable organizations or businesses.

Victims have reported receiving fraudulent communications from individuals claiming to represent Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH), RI Energy, and Microsoft Virus Protection.

The scammers use various tactics to convince individuals to part with their money, including computer pop-ups and false claims of overdue bills or fees for non-existent awards.

Another deceitful strategy used by these scammers is the “Grandparent Scam,” where they falsely inform victims that a family member has been arrested or is in urgent need of bail money.

To make their demands more convincing, they sometimes dispatch couriers to collect cash directly from the victims.

Authorities have noted that the scammers often request payments via gift cards or through digital payment services such as Venmo or Zelle, which are difficult to trace.

The Warwick Police Department urges anyone who suspects they are being targeted by a scam to contact their local police immediately.

Community members are reminded to stay vigilant and to safeguard their personal and financial information against such fraudulent activities.

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