North Haven high school increases security after handgun incident

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NORTH HAVEN — The North Haven Police Department is investigating an incident at North Haven High School where it is alleged that a student from another school displayed what appeared to be a handgun on campus after school hours on April 25.

Authorities were alerted to the situation the morning of April 26 when the school’s SRO (School Resource Officer) was informed of the previous day’s event.

The SRO immediately collaborated with school administration while notifying North Haven patrol officers and detectives to start an investigation.

While the investigation is ongoing, the police have decided to increase their presence at the high school as a precautionary measure.

According to initial reports, the incident was specific to certain individuals and was not a random act or a generalized threat to the school staff or student body.

The North Haven Police Department has not released further details about the involved individuals or the student who allegedly displayed the handgun.

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