Hudson police warn of asphalt paving scams with arrival of warm weather

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HUDSON — As spring temperatures beckon homeowners to improve their properties, the Hudson Police Department is cautioning residents about an increase in asphalt and paving scams that could lead to significant financial loss.

Authorities warn that with the nicer weather, scam artists posing as paving crews are targeting individuals, particularly the elderly, with promises of discounted driveway repairs.

These fraudulent operators typically approach homeowners in their yards, claiming to have leftover asphalt from a nearby project and offering what appears to be a great deal.

The police emphasize the importance of vigilance, noting that these scam crews use aggressive sales tactics and deception.

The work they perform is often of subpar quality, potentially resulting in additional costs for homeowners when the inferior material fails, allowing weeds to break through the new surface.

To avoid falling victim to these scams, the Hudson Police Department advises residents to request a written contract before any work begins.

Verbal agreements can lead to escalating costs, and without a contract, the initially low estimate can unexpectedly inflate once the project is completed.

Homeowners should also be cautious of paving crews that demand cash payments.

Such transactions leave no paper trail, and any checks received by the crew are cashed immediately, making it difficult to recover funds in the event of a dispute.

The police also recommend asking for references and conducting thorough checks before engaging with any contractor.

Established local paving companies should be able to provide a history of satisfied customers and are generally a safer choice for home improvement projects.

Residents are urged to resist pressure to have work done immediately and to take the time to compare prices from reputable contractors.

If approached by a paving crew, homeowners should take their written estimate and indicate they will follow up after considering other bids.

In case of uncertainty or to report suspicious activity, community members are encouraged to contact the Hudson Police Department at 978-562-7122 for assistance.

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