Former Hanover teacher charged after alarming comment

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HANOVER — A former teacher from the local school district was arraigned at Hingham District Court Friday morning following a concerning statement that led to a criminal charge by the Hanover Police Department.

The charge arose from an investigation into a comment the teacher made, stating “when something like that happens, it makes me want to go home and get my rifle.”

The remark was overheard by a fellow staff member, who reported it to school administrators due to its alarming nature.

Upon receiving the report, school officials acted swiftly, contacting the Hanover Police Department.

Detectives then initiated an investigation, which included a search warrant for the teacher’s residence.

Although the search revealed no evidence of intent to act on the statement, the utterance of words indicating possession of a weapon capable of serious harm, thereby inciting fear or discomfort, is considered a criminal offense.

The case has been handed over to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office, and the former teacher was arraigned on a “Threats to Commit a Crime” charge.

The next court date is set for June 5.

The Hanover Police Department emphasizes the importance of school safety and maintains a close partnership with school administrators to ensure a secure learning environment.

The department also collaborates with school staff to foster a culture of vigilance, as demonstrated by the reporting staff member in this incident.

Despite the defendant’s claim that the comment was taken out of context, the Hanover Police Department maintains a zero-tolerance stance against any threats or insinuations of violence within schools.

Anyone making such statements will face prosecution.

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