Brookline police warn of credit card skimmers at local gas station

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BROOKLINE — Brookline police issued an advisory on Monday after discovering a credit card skimming device inside a gas pump at a local station.

The illegal device, used by criminals to capture credit card information, was found during a routine inspection.

Customers at the gas station may have been compromised by the skimmer, which transmits stolen data to an external recorder via Bluetooth technology.

The unsuspecting victim’s credit card and PIN information are at risk when they use their card at the compromised pump.

To combat this type of theft, authorities recommend that consumers take proactive measures before using their cards at gas pumps.

According to tech website Sparkfun.com, one can use a cellphone to scan for skimmers.

By opening the Bluetooth settings and holding the phone close to the pump, any unusual devices, particularly those labeled with the code “HC-05” or similar, could indicate the presence of a skimmer.

The police urge anyone who detects a suspicious Bluetooth code not to connect to it but to immediately report it to the gas station staff and choose a different pump.

The Brookline Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation and is working with the gas station to ensure the safety and security of all customers.

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