Rhode Island correctional officers save inmate’s life with emergency response at ACI

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CRANSTON — Correctional officers and medical staff at the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) saved an inmate’s life today after the individual showed signs of a potential overdose.

The Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC) reported that the individual, who had been transferred from a community hospital just one day prior, was found with unknown pills during the intake process at the facility’s Intake Service Center.

Following standard procedure, the inmate was placed in the hospital wing for observation.

A correctional officer on duty noticed the individual exhibiting shallow breathing and a discolored appearance.

After attempting to engage and finding the inmate unresponsive, the officer immediately called for medical assistance.

Nurses quickly responded, administering Narcan and performing CPR with the help of correctional officers.

The combined efforts led to the individual regaining consciousness and stabilizing.

Cranston emergency services were summoned and arrived to transport the inmate to a local hospital’s emergency room for further treatment.

RIDOC commended the staff members for their quick action and dedication to the safety of both the staff and the incarcerated population.

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