Norwell police warn of wallet thefts from shopping carts

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NORWELL — The Norwell Police Department has issued a warning to shoppers after a string of wallet thefts from purses left unattended in shopping carts across various retail locations in town.

According to authorities, several victims have reported their wallets stolen while shopping, with the thefts not isolated to any specific store.

Surveillance footage has revealed that the suspects pretend to shop, scouting for potential targets before discreetly removing wallets from purses and leaving the scene.

Many victims do not immediately notice the theft, as their purses remain in the carts, giving the culprits ample time to make unauthorized charges at different establishments.

The police have cautioned residents to remain vigilant and keep their purses with them at all times to prevent such incidents.

The thefts have been reported not just in Norwell but across Massachusetts, suggesting that the suspects may not be local to the South Shore area.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Norwell Police Department has released photos of individuals they are seeking to identify in connection with the thefts.

They urge anyone with information to contact them via a direct message on their Facebook page.

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