Naugatuck police seize illegal cannabis products from local store

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NAUGATUCK — In a significant blow to illegal drug sales in the area, Naugatuck Police, along with multiple state agencies, conducted a search warrant at 92Convenience on April 19, resulting in the seizure of illicit cannabis products.

The coordinated effort, which involved the Department of Consumer Protection, the Department of Labor, the Department of Revenue Services, the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, and Naugatuck Police Detectives, came after community youth advocates raised alarms about the store selling cannabis and THC products to minors.

Following an investigation that included controlled purchases, authorities executed a search warrant at the convenience store located at 92 Church Street.

The operation led to the confiscation of 13 pounds of cannabis, various THC vapes, THC edibles, and a sum of U.S. currency.

While the sale of cannabis is legal through regulated and authorized centers in the state, 92Convenience was found to be operating outside these legal boundaries.

The unauthorized sales by the store not only dodged tax laws but also skirted regulatory measures designed to prevent the sale of THC-containing products to children.

In response to the violations, the Department of Labor has issued a work-stop order to 92Convenience.

As of this release, no arrests have been made, but the investigation may lead to criminal charges and state administrative enforcement actions.

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