Cumberland County Sheriff warns of phone scam impersonating officials

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PORTLAND — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public to a phone scam where individuals are contacted by someone claiming to be an official from the Sheriff’s Office, informing victims they are in legal trouble and demanding payment to resolve the issue.

The scam involves the perpetrator, impersonating a law enforcement official, calling unsuspecting individuals and alleging that they have outstanding legal issues that can be remedied by paying a fee.

The scammers use fear and the appearance of authority to pressure victims into complying with their demands.

The Sheriff’s Office is advising the community to exercise caution if they receive a call from someone purporting to be a law enforcement official and asking for money.

Residents are encouraged to take additional steps to protect themselves and verify the identity of the caller.

Such steps include seeking advice from financial institutions in person and calling local law enforcement agencies directly for guidance.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasizes that it is important to confirm the credibility of anyone claiming to be an official before taking any action or providing personal information.

Anyone who has received similar calls or has concerns about the legitimacy of such communications is urged to contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office or their local police department.

The public is reminded that law enforcement agencies do not contact individuals by phone to demand payments or personal information.

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