Court docs reveal new details in Jay shooting incident

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JAY — A 56-year-old Jay resident, Benjamin Zev, was arrested this weekend on charges stemming from a shooting incident that occurred Saturday afternoon on North Jay Road. According to the Vermont State Police, the incident prompted a brief road closure and shelter-in-place orders for nearby residents.

Zev, who appeared in Orleans County Superior Court Criminal Court on Monday, pleaded innocent to charges of reckless endangerment. The judge granted him conditional release following the hearing.

The arrest followed a report made by Danny Gosselin at around 1:22 p.m. on Saturday, stating he witnessed a man shooting a handgun towards a bike and the ground as he drove past a residence on North Jay Road.

Gosselin reported that he heard the sounds of ricocheting bullets and saw dirt being kicked up from the shots. After stopping briefly to confront the shooter, Gosselin continued to a nearby business in Jay Village to call the police.

Law enforcement arrived shortly after at Zev’s home, where he told police he was shooting near his fireplace when he was interrupted by someone yelling at him. He claimed to have picked up the spent casings and stored his firearm in the basement before police arrived.

Police say Zev cooperated with the investigation, showing police the location of the firearm and ammunition. The incident is still under investigation.

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