Newmarket residents targeted by jury duty scam

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NEWMARKET — Local authorities are warning residents about a scam where a caller impersonates a police sergeant and falsely claims that individuals have outstanding warrants for missing jury duty.

The Newmarket Police Department announced that scammers have been contacting current and former residents, identifying themselves as “Sergeant Jeremy Hawkins of the Newmarket Police Department Civil Citation Division.”

The fraudulent calls involve the scammer alleging that there are warrants out for the residents’ arrest due to missed jury duty summons and demanding payment to resolve the issue.

These calls are not legitimate, and the police department is urging the public to be vigilant.

Residents are advised to never give out personal or banking information over the phone.

Anyone who receives such a call is encouraged to contact the Newmarket Police Department immediately.

Authorities remind the community that law enforcement agencies do not operate in this manner and that any legitimate communication regarding jury duty or warrants would follow official protocols which do not include unsolicited phone calls demanding money.

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