Newburyport officials confirm no dog poisonings in Moseley Woods

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NEWBURYPORT –– Mayor Sean Reardon and the Animal Control Officer for the City of Newburyport have updated residents on an incident involving sick dogs in Moseley Woods, confirming that no dogs were poisoned in the area last month.

The City, Newburyport Police Department, Parks Division, and Newburyport/West Newbury Animal Control launched an investigation after learning about the death of a dog who had been walking in the area.

The investigation included interviews with the dog’s owner and veterinarian, as well as a thorough sweep of the woods and surrounding neighborhood.

Evidence gathered during the investigation led the City to conclude that the two dogs under the owner’s control had not been poisoned, and there was no indication of intentional or accidental poisoning by residents in the area.

The City has determined that there is no risk to residents and their pets in both Moseley Woods and the surrounding area.

Officials are asking residents and visitors to be mindful of the environment when visiting Newburyport’s parks and open spaces to ensure they remain safe for everyone.

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