Durham police address multiple fox sightings in Sunnyside Development

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DURHAM — Multiple residents of the Sunnyside Development have reported sightings of a fox with significant hair loss, prompting a response from the Durham Police Department.

Officials believe the condition, likely mange, is affecting the local fox population.

Mange is a skin disease caused by mites and can lead to severe hair loss in affected animals.

While concerning to see, the police department emphasized that foxes with mange are not typically aggressive, unlike those that may be infected with rabies.

The police noted that although foxes are generally nocturnal creatures, it is not uncommon for them to be active during the day.

They may be spotted playing, foraging for food, or simply enjoying the sunlight.

Foxes suffering from mange may be more visible during daylight hours as they search for food due to their weakened state.

Authorities are urging residents not to approach or interact with any wild animals that appear sick or injured.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has been notified of the situation and is monitoring it.

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