Amherst police warn of phone scammers impersonating officers

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AMHERST — Multiple reports of a phone scam involving fraudsters impersonating local police and soliciting money have been received over the past few days, according to the Amherst Police Department.

Citizens have been targeted by scammers who spoof the police department’s phone numbers, claiming to represent law enforcement and demanding money to resolve various legal issues or troubles.

The police department has issued a scam alert, emphasizing that they do not engage in such practices and urging the public to remain vigilant.

The department advises anyone receiving a suspicious call to refrain from providing personal information and to contact them directly to verify the legitimacy of the call.

Residents should dial the official dispatch number at 413-259-3000 if they need to confirm they are speaking with actual police personnel and not a scammer.

Authorities are investigating the fraudulent activity and encourage the community to report any similar incidents to help prevent further scams.

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