Cumberland police join national campaign to curb impaired driving on 4/20

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CUMBERLAND — In a concerted effort to prevent drug-impaired driving on the upcoming unofficial marijuana holiday, local and national agencies are reinforcing a clear message: If You Feel Different, You Drive Different.

As April 20 approaches, a day popularly associated with cannabis culture, the Cumberland Police Department is collaborating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other law enforcement to remind the public of the dangers and illegality of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Regardless of marijuana’s legal status in various states, driving while impaired remains a serious offense with potentially fatal consequences.

The NHTSA emphasizes that marijuana can significantly diminish a driver’s reaction time, cognitive functions, and ability to maintain a consistent lane position, increasing the risk of accidents.

Authorities are urging community members to make responsible and lawful choices when it comes to driving.

The decision to drive while impaired does not only affect the driver but everyone sharing the road.

The campaign advises those who intend to partake in marijuana use on April 20, or any other day, to avoid getting behind the wheel.

Instead, they should plan ahead for a sober driver, utilize community sober ride programs, or call a taxi or ride-sharing service if necessary.

Friends are encouraged to look out for one another by preventing impaired individuals from driving—taking away their keys and ensuring they get home safely.

The message is clear: It’s better to prevent someone from driving high than to risk an accident.

The NHTSA and local law enforcement are also asking the public to be proactive by reporting any suspected impaired drivers by calling 911 from a safe location.

By spreading awareness and encouraging smart choices, the Cumberland Police Department and partnering agencies hope to reduce drug-impaired driving incidents and keep America’s roads safe.

For more information on the risks of drug-impaired driving and tips for staying safe, the public can visit the NHTSA website at www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drug-impaired-driving.

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