Norway police offer regular checks on vacant properties amid burglary spike

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NORWAY — Amid a recent uptick in burglaries and incidents of homeless individuals taking shelter in vacant homes, the Norway Police Department is extending a helping hand to property owners.

Owners of vacant or under-construction properties are encouraged to reach out for regular property checks.

Property owners interested in this service should email Officer Heather Pullen at [email protected], providing crucial details such as their name, phone number, and the address of the concerned property.

They should also specify whether the property is vacant or under construction and list authorized individuals with permission to access the property.

For added security, owners are asked to provide an alternative contact person with their name and phone number for situations where the police encounter suspicious activities.

The Norway Police Department remains vigilant and responsive to the community’s safety concerns.

Residents are urged to report any unusual or suspicious behavior observed on properties by calling the department at (207) 743-5303 or dialing 9-1-1 for emergencies.

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