Dedham police warn of contractor scams targeting seniors

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DEDHAM — A senior citizen has fallen victim to a home improvement scam, leading local police to issue a warning to residents about fraudulent contractors.

The individual, who has not been named, reported making significant payments for substandard and incomplete work to a person posing as a contractor.

The Dedham Police Department noted that these types of scams are becoming increasingly common, with seniors being particularly vulnerable.

Authorities are urging the community to thoroughly research any contractor they consider hiring and to resist high-pressure sales tactics that demand immediate agreement to have work done.

Additionally, the police stressed the importance of verifying that any individual soliciting commercial work in Dedham has a proper ID card, as mandated by law.

The ID card, which is issued by the Dedham Police Department, should be visibly displayed by anyone soliciting for commercial purposes within the town.

Residents are advised to immediately contact the police at 781-326-1212 if they encounter a solicitor without proper identification.

Police also reminded citizens to be cautious when dealing with anyone attempting to secure funds transfers, personal information, or agreements for work on the spot.

They encourage locals to stop and think critically about such interactions and to contact authorities if anything seems suspicious.

The Dedham Police Department’s advisory aims to prevent further incidents and protect community members from becoming scam victims.

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