Windsor County Sheriff warns of phone scam demanding court no-show payments

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WOODSTOCK — The Windsor County Sheriff’s Department issued an urgent scam alert today, warning residents of a sophisticated phone scheme where fraudsters pose as deputies to solicit payments for alleged missed court appearances or outstanding warrants.

According to the sheriff’s department, several residents have reported receiving calls from individuals who have their personal information, including names and addresses.

The scammers falsely identify themselves as actual deputies from the department and claim that the resident has a warrant or has failed to appear in court.

The Sheriff’s Department strongly advises the public to never make payments over the phone for supposed warrants or bail.

They emphasized that law enforcement officials do not operate in this manner and that such requests are clear indicators of a scam.

Residents who receive such calls are urged to immediately report the incident to the Windsor County Sheriff’s Department to help prevent further victimization within the community.

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