West Haven spring break party turns violent, officers injured

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WEST HAVEN — A large, unsanctioned beach party in West Haven erupted in violence, injuring two police officers and resulting in over a dozen arrests, authorities said Sunday.

The gathering, primarily consisting of teenagers, was prompted by a social media flyer shared on Instagram.

The flyer called for a spring break celebration at a local beach.

The West Haven Police Department (WHPD) had been alerted to the event through multiple complaints but the situation escalated when officers intervened as several fights broke out among the attendees.

In response to the chaos, WHPD requested mutual aid from neighboring departments to help disperse the crowd and make arrests.

Amidst the police action, a shooting occurred at the Best Gas station on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Nobel Street, leaving one individual with non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital, and it remains unclear whether the shooting was connected to the beach party incident.

Witnesses reported that numerous teens obstructed police efforts by dancing provocatively, or “twerking,” in the streets, impeding emergency vehicles from reaching the scene of the shooting.

Officers chased some of the teens to a pizza restaurant located at Campbell and Leete streets, where two individuals were arrested after forcing their way inside the establishment.

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