Carroll County sheriff warns of convincing jury duty scam

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OSSIPEE — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has issued an active scam alert to the public about a recurring scheme where fraudsters impersonate local deputies to swindle residents out of money.

According to the sheriff’s office, the scammers have been using the names of actual deputies on staff to add credibility to their claims.

In the latest reported incident, a resident was falsely informed they had missed a court date for jury duty.

The impersonator engaged the victim in a conversation, at times pretending to talk to a judge to supposedly avoid the issuance of a warrant.

The scammer then proposed that the victim could resolve the issue by making a payment over the phone and offered various online payment methods such as PayPal and Zelle.

If the victim hesitated, the fraudster suggested they could make a cash payment at one of the sheriff’s office’s “remote locations” using prepaid services like Green Dot.

To persuade the victim, the impersonator provided false citation and badge numbers, used official-sounding legal terms like “gag order,” and played background noises to mimic a busy office environment.

The sheriff’s office advises anyone who receives such a call to immediately hang up and independently verify the information by contacting the law enforcement agency or court using publicly listed phone numbers—not those provided by the caller.

Officials remind residents that no legitimate law enforcement or court will ever request payment for fines, bail, or other official transactions through these payment methods.

The public is urged to contact local law enforcement with any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of such calls to prevent becoming scam victims.

The sheriff’s office emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant and safe.

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