Orleans and Essex counties shine at Northeast Regional 4-H Spring Showcase in Lyndonville

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LYNDONVILLE—Youth from Orleans and Essex counties demonstrated remarkable talent and skill at the Northeast Regional 4-H Spring Showcase, held at Lyndon Town School on April 6. The event featured a broad array of presentations and competitions, with participants from these counties taking home several prestigious awards.

In Essex County, the Lads and Lassies group from Lunenburg captured the audience with their award-winning dance, “I Make it Look Easy,” earning a rosette ribbon for their group stage presentation. Madison Fuller, also from Lunenburg, won a rosette ribbon for her individual stage performance, impressively signing to the “Star Spangled Banner.”

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Not to be outdone, Breeana Garcia from Woodsville, New Hampshire, showcased her knowledge of Arabian history with a tabletop display that won the rosette ribbon for Essex County. In the photography category, participants from Essex displayed striking visuals that captured the essence of their 4-H projects.

Orleans County saw its fair share of winners as well, with several members from the Kingdom Hoofbeats club in Derby Line excelling in multiple categories. Their “Scratch That Itch” action exhibit was particularly notable, securing a rosette ribbon. The club also impressed with “Hit the Road and Show” and “Knotty Knots” action exhibits, demonstrating their comprehensive skills and teamwork.

Individual efforts were also recognized, such as Harlow Converse from Newport, who earned a rosette ribbon for her poster, effectively conveying her 4-H experience. In the illustrated talk, Natalie Hill from Greensboro took home a rosette ribbon for her presentation on “Raising Dogs,” showcasing her depth of knowledge and public speaking skills.

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The showcase served as a testament to the dedication and expertise of 4-H members in Orleans and Essex counties, providing them with a platform to demonstrate their accomplishments and prepare for future competitions, including the upcoming 4-H State Day in Barre on May 4.

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