Hampden warns of scam involving fake family emergencies

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HAMPDEN — Hampden Public Safety officials are alerting residents to a scam operation in which criminals are targeting locals with fraudulent distress calls about family members.

The scammers initiate contact by calling potential victims and fabricating a scenario where a relative is purportedly in trouble and in urgent need of cash.

These impostors are adept at convincing people, often using personal information like a family member’s name to add credibility to their false narratives.

According to the public safety advisory, after convincing the victims of their relative’s supposed predicament, the scammers instruct them to withdraw money from a bank or ATM.

In a brazen twist, the criminals then arrange to collect the cash directly from the victims at their homes.

Authorities are urging the community to be vigilant and skeptical of such unsolicited calls.

They emphasize the importance of hanging up immediately on receiving a call that matches this pattern and contacting the Hampden Public Safety department without delay.

In a statement, public safety officials expressed their understanding of the emotional distress such calls can provoke but urged residents to stay rational.

They implored the community not to let fear or concern lead to financial decisions that could have lifelong negative consequences.

Hampden Public Safety is seeking to prevent further incidents and is asking anyone with information or who has received a similar call to come forward to help stop these scammers from exploiting more people in the area.

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