East Windsor High School conducts drug sweep with police K-9 units

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EAST WINDSOR — In an effort to maintain a drug-free learning environment, East Windsor Public Schools and the town’s police department conducted a collaborative operation on Friday, April 12, to search for narcotics at the local high school.

Superintendent Patrick Tudryn and the East Windsor Police Department’s K-9 Division led the “Safe Schools Collaboration,” a precautionary initiative designed to ensure a safe space for education.

Under the terms of a Memo of Understanding between the police and the school district, narcotic detection dogs were brought in to perform a thorough yet unobtrusive search.

While East Windsor High School students attended an assembly in the auditorium, K-9 units from East Windsor and surrounding areas randomly selected and searched approximately 33 classrooms.

Dogs were used to “open air sniff” student and staff backpacks and bags left in the rooms, although none of the bags were physically searched by police officers, nor were any individuals subjected to a search.

The operation, conducted without incident, was hailed as a success, underscoring the effective partnership between school security, administrators, and police K-9 teams.

This proactive measure was part of an ongoing effort to promote the “Townwide Team” approach to student safety.

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