Norway police warn of phone scam impersonating officers

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NORWAY — The Norway Police Department issued a warning Tuesday about a new phone scam in which individuals impersonate law enforcement officers and claim a family member, typically a grandson, has been arrested and requires bail money.

According to the police, the scammers have been contacting local residents, informing them of the alleged arrest, and then negotiating a sum of money for the supposed bail.

They then attempt to arrange a meeting to collect the money.

Authorities are advising the community to be vigilant.

If anyone receives such a call, they should not engage with the scammer or agree to any payment.

Instead, they are urging people to verify the situation by speaking directly with their family member and to contact the Norway Police Department at (207) 743-5303 or visit the department in person to confirm the legitimacy of the call.

The police department is actively investigating the scam and is seeking any information that could lead to the identification of the individuals involved.

Residents are reminded to be cautious with their personal information and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

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