Maine State police crack down on traffic violators, make arrests

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WINDHAM — In a concerted effort to enhance road safety, Maine State Police’s Southern Field Troop, in collaboration with the Windham Police Department, conducted a saturation patrol detail on Route 302 and adjacent roads on Wednesday, leading to numerous traffic-related stops and arrests.

The operation, which took place April 10, resulted in 74 motorists being pulled over for a variety of infractions.

Among the violations were speeding, driving with expired inspection stickers and registrations, not complying with hands-free driving laws, and failing to obey traffic control devices.

Authorities also arrested two individuals on outstanding warrants and charged three drivers with operating a motor vehicle after license suspension.

Additionally, one person was charged with violating conditions of their release.

The initiative was part of ongoing efforts by local law enforcement to reduce accidents and improve safety on Windham’s roadways.

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