Truck driver arrested after bridge collision in Westbrook

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WESTBROOK — A truck driver was taken into custody by Westbrook Police Department on Monday after ignoring clearance signs and colliding with the bridge on Brown Street.

Authorities said the driver, whose name has not been released, should have heeded the yellow clearance signs before attempting to pass under the bridge, which is not a new structure.

The collision resulted in significant traffic disruption and damage to the vehicle.

Westbrook Police have charged the driver with operating after suspension, violation of conditions of release, and executed an unrelated arrest warrant during the incident.

Police are reminding all truck operators to be aware of their vehicle’s dimensions and to pay close attention to road signs to prevent similar occurrences.

The bridge on Brown Street has been a staple in the area for many years, and the clearance signs are in place to avoid such incidents.

The driver is currently being held pending a court appearance, and an investigation into the collision is ongoing.

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