Topsham police issue scam alert on ‘grandson phone scam’ resurgence

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TOPSHAM — Police in Topsham are warning residents about a resurgence of the “grandson phone scam,” which has already duped at least two individuals in the area.

Authorities say the scheme predominantly targets the elderly, but others can fall victim as well.

The scam involves a caller pretending to be a grandchild or friend, claiming they have been in a car accident and arrested.

The supposed relative or friend asks the victim to speak with an “attorney,” who then gets on the line demanding a large sum of money for bail and court fees.

After negotiations, a new bail amount is agreed upon, and arrangements are made to collect the money either in person, at the victim’s home, or by credit card.

Topsham police emphasize that this is not how the legal system operates in Maine or elsewhere.

Law enforcement and bail commissioners do not collect money for bail at someone’s home or request credit card information over the phone.

Victims of this scam are urged to report the incident to their local law enforcement agency.

Police also advise residents to verify the legitimacy of any arrest and bail situation by calling law enforcement directly.

The public is reminded never to hand over money outside of a physical law enforcement or court facility and never to provide credit card information to anyone claiming to be an officer or bail commissioner over the phone.

Authorities are stressing the importance of staying informed and exercising caution to avoid falling prey to such scams.

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