Cumberland County seniors targeted in recent scam wave

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FOULMOUTH — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public to a series of fraud cases primarily targeting elderly residents, resulting in substantial financial losses.

Victims have reported receiving deceptive phone calls and emails claiming that a close acquaintance or family member is in urgent need of medical or legal aid.

Scammers impersonate lawyers, bail bond agents, and other trusted professionals, providing alternative contact details and accomplices to bolster their fabricated stories.

These criminals often possess personal details about their targets and the individuals they claim to represent, enhancing the believability of their schemes.

In some instances, scammers have even impersonated the person allegedly in need, further manipulating their victims.

Recently, scammers have escalated their tactics, arranging in-person meetings at the victims’ homes or public locations to finalize fraudulent transactions.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasizes that legitimate entities, such as law enforcement, legal, financial, or medical institutions, do not conduct cash transactions in this manner or under such conditions.

Authorities urge the public to verify the identity of anyone requesting financial help by consulting directly with their financial institutions, contacting the alleged victim through known communication channels, and seeking advice from local law enforcement.

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