Kingston police increase school presence after reports of unauthorized individual

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KINGSTON — Kingston Police Department announced an increased police presence at Sacred Heart Elementary School following reports this morning of an unauthorized individual wandering the grounds.

According to authorities, the school issued a notification to parents about the situation.

Despite the spread of various rumors and concerns amongst parents, particularly regarding the individual’s mental health, officials emphasized that no threats were made and no weapons were reported.

The individual in question is known to both the school and the police department, and as of now, there have been no allegations of any crimes being committed or attempted.

As a precautionary measure and to assure the Sacred Heart community, law enforcement will maintain a heightened presence at the school for the next few days.

Parents or community members seeking additional information or wishing to discuss concerns are encouraged to contact Detective Lieutenant Mike Skowyra at 781-585-0523 ext. 6662.

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