Cheshire County Sheriff warns of phone scam impersonating deputies

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KEENE — The Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of fraudulent phone calls made by an individual impersonating a deputy sheriff, according to a statement released by the office.

Residents have reported receiving calls from someone claiming to be a deputy and requesting payments through gift cards or wire transfers.

The Sheriff’s Office has emphasized that these calls are not legitimate and that it does not solicit payments in such a manner.

Officials are actively working to identify the individual responsible for the scam.

The Sheriff’s Office wants to ensure the public that all legitimate phone calls from their deputies will come from either office lines or work-issued cell phones.

The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone receiving a suspicious call to not provide any form of payment or personal information.

Instead, they should hang up and directly contact the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office at 603-352-4238 or dispatch at 603-355-2000 to verify the authenticity of the call.

The Sheriff’s Office also reminds the community to remain vigilant against phone scams and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

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