Auburn police warn of scam soliciting donations for deputies

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AUBURN — The Auburn Police Department issued a warning to residents about a fraudulent mailing scam that is posing as a fundraiser for law enforcement equipment.

According to authorities, the mailings claim to be from the “United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association” and are soliciting donations for bulletproof vests and other life-saving equipment.

Despite the realistic appearance of the mailing and its associated survey, police have confirmed it to be a scam aimed at collecting credit card information.

The Auburn Police Department advises the public not to respond to the mailing and to exercise caution when considering donations to any non-profit organization.

They stress the importance of conducting thorough research to confirm the legitimacy of an organization before making any contributions.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office is also aware of the scam and is collaborating with local police to inform the community and prevent potential victims from being exploited.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious mailings to the authorities immediately.

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