Auburn police arrest Florida man found with defaced firearm in commercial building

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AUBURN — Auburn police responded to an alarm call on Monday at approximately 6:20 p.m. for motion detected in an unoccupied commercial building, where they found a homeless person’s belongings but no individual.

Upon their return to the same building over an hour later following a second alarm, officers observed a male inside smoking a cigarette.

The man, identified as Christopher Floyd from Coral Springs, Florida, was found after he apparently forced entry through a door officers had secured earlier.

Floyd was taken into custody and during an inventory of his belongings, a black Smith and Wesson semi-automatic 40 caliber handgun with a defaced serial number and two loaded magazines were discovered.

He was booked at the police station, where bail was set at $20,040.

Floyd faced arraignment at Worcester District Court on Tuesday on charges including carrying a firearm without a license, defacing a firearm serial number, possession of ammunition without an FID/LTC, breaking and entering for a misdemeanor, trespass, and destruction of property.

He is currently being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

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