Androscoggin County Sheriff’s office warns of scam calls impersonating Sgt. Clark

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LEWISTON — The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office has issued a scam alert after a surge in reports from citizens receiving fraudulent calls from someone claiming to be “Sgt. Clark.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the scam calls have been persistent, with many individuals contacting authorities to report the suspicious activity.

The scammer impersonating Sgt. Clark has been targeting residents in an attempt to deceive them, although the specific nature of the scam was not detailed in the alert.

Officials are urging the public to remain alert and cautious when answering calls from unknown individuals, especially those claiming to be law enforcement officers.

The sheriff’s office emphasizes that it is vital for residents to verify the legitimacy of any call that appears to be from their office.

Citizens who receive such calls are encouraged to hang up and contact the sheriff’s office directly at 207-753-2599 to report the incident or to confirm whether the call was authentic.

The sheriff’s office also noted that similar scam calls have been reported to other law enforcement agencies across the state, indicating a wider scam operation.

Law enforcement officials are continuing their efforts to investigate these fraudulent calls and to protect citizens from potential scams.

The sheriff’s office is asking the community to spread the word about the scam alert and to inform friends and family about the importance of verifying any unsolicited calls claiming to be from law enforcement.

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