Four arrested in Marlborough Savers thefts, narcotics found

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MARLBOROUGH — A series of thefts at the Savers store on East Main Street has come to an end with the arrest of four individuals early Wednesday morning.

Officer Skagerlind of the Marlborough Police Department was performing a perimeter check around 3:10 a.m. on April 5 when he spotted a suspicious U-Haul truck parked behind the Savers building.

Upon further investigation, Skagerlind found one male loading merchandise into a bag and another man concealed inside a dumpster.

Both men were promptly detained.

With additional officers on the scene, two women were discovered hiding within one of the storage trailers.

A subsequent search of the U-Haul and the suspects’ possessions unearthed narcotics believed to be Methamphetamine, lock-picking tools, bolt cutters, numerous credit cards suspected to be stolen, identification documents, and more potentially stolen merchandise.

The individuals arrested are Justin R. Generelli, 37, Kevin Thompson, 38, Trisha Lee Benson, 41, and Cherisa Gazaille, 39.

They face multiple charges including breaking into a depository, conspiracy, possession of burglarious instruments, trespass, larceny from a building, and drug possession.

Thompson also faces additional charges related to drug possession and improper receipt of stolen credit cards.

The Marlborough Police Department believes these arrests will significantly impact the recent spike in night thefts at the Savers location.

The investigation is ongoing as officers work to return stolen items and process the evidence collected.

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