Norwood police arrest juveniles for assault, theft after quick community response

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NORWOOD — Two juveniles were arrested on charges of unarmed robbery and assault following a series of incidents in Norwood Center on Friday, April 5.

The Norwood Police Department was alerted to an assault and thefts involving several juveniles.

Officer MacEachern, already in the area, attended to the victims and obtained descriptions of the suspects shortly after receiving the call.

As officers scoured the vicinity for the suspects, another report came in of an assault on a store clerk in Norwood Center.

Responding officers established that the incidents involved the same perpetrators.

A vigilant witness to the store clerk assault managed to capture a photograph of the assault and the suspects, which was promptly handed over to the responding officers.

The photo enabled officers to distribute the information to their entire shift, aiding in the swift location of the suspects on Cottage St.

The store clerk victim positively identified the two juveniles as the culprits who committed theft and assault at his store.

The arrests followed shortly thereafter, thanks to the conclusive identification.

The Norwood Police Department expressed gratitude to the witnesses whose quick thinking and timely evidence allowed for the rapid apprehension of the suspects involved in these crimes.

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