Concord police issue scam alert, urge vigilance against fraudsters

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CONCORD — In response to a growing number of fraudulent schemes, the Concord Police Department has issued a scam alert, warning residents about various tactics being used to extract personal information and funds from unsuspecting individuals.

Authorities have highlighted that scammers often exploit fear and vulnerability to gain quick access to victims’ personal data or accounts.

The public is advised to remain cautious and to not give out or confirm personal information, bank account details, credit card numbers, passwords, or PINs under any circumstances.

Scammers have been known to disguise their phone numbers to mimic recognizable contacts.

The police are urging people to be skeptical of caller ID displays and to avoid providing any information over the phone.

If in doubt, individuals are encouraged to contact their bank directly or visit a branch for verification.

Emails that appear to be from trusted sources or financial institutions should also be treated with suspicion, especially if they contain links.

Instead of clicking on such links, recipients should go directly to the official website of the organization in question.

The alert also covers instances where fraudsters pose as police officers demanding payments or personal details.

In such cases, hang up immediately and contact the police department to speak with an officer.

Text messages claiming that the recipient has been hacked or is a victim of fraudulent activity should not prompt clicking on any provided links.

Instead, contact your bank or their fraud department to report the issue.

The same caution applies to messages from delivery services or payment services like USPS, UPS, FedEx, PayPal, Venom, Zelle, or others, especially if they request verification or update of personal details.

It is vital to access these services directly through their official channels.

These examples represent only a fraction of the common scams circulating today.

The Concord Police are actively encouraging the community to stay informed and to help educate family members on how to avoid these deceptive practices.

Residents who encounter any suspicious activity are urged to report it to the Concord Police at 603-225-8600.

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