Sudbury police investigate repeat residential break-in

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SUDBURY — Sudbury Police Department is currently investigating a residential break-in that echoes a series of similar incidents from months prior.

While specifics of the ongoing investigation remain confidential, authorities are emphasizing preventive measures to help residents safeguard their homes against potential intrusions.

Residents are urged to create the appearance of an occupied home, for instance, by using interior lights with timers and installing motion-activated exterior lights.

Police also advise those with alarm systems to actively engage them, noting that some break-ins have occurred in homes where alarms were present but not turned on.

Further recommendations include securing all points of entry, including second-floor windows which are sometimes overlooked and can provide access to intruders.

Homeowners should avoid leaving ladders outside that could facilitate unauthorized entry to upper levels.

In addition, ensuring that garage doors are locked is also critical.

To prevent accumulation of mail or newspapers that signal an empty residence, arrangements should be made for collection or suspension of these services.

Neighbors are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the police.

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