Holden police increase patrols after suspicious vehicle report

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HOLDEN — Holden Police officers intensified neighborhood patrols following a report of a suspicious vehicle approaching a student on March 25.

The student, who was walking home from a bus stop on Bullard Street around 2:45 p.m., claimed a man in a vehicle offered her a ride.

Officers responded immediately, canvassing the area and speaking with the student to obtain a description of the suspect and vehicle.

Despite a 48-hour search for camera footage and additional information, no leads were found.

In response to the incident, Holden Police adjusted patrol schedules to coincide with school bus pickup and drop-off times throughout the week.

However, the department faces challenges due to varying descriptions of the suspect and vehicle circulating on social media, which have not been officially reported to the police.

These conflicting accounts have led to further unfounded reports, including a recent call involving a local business that was determined to be unrelated.

To prevent the spread of misinformation and undue alarm, the Holden Police Department has refrained from posting details about the incident on social media.

Authorities are urging residents to report any suspicious activity directly to the police rather than sharing unverified information online.

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