East Kingston residents warned of fake Microsoft pop-up scams

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EAST KINGSTON — Authorities are alerting the public to a series of fraudulent pop-up alerts masquerading as Microsoft warnings on residents’ computers.

According to the East Kingston Police Department, the deceptive pop-ups claim that the user’s computer has encountered a problem and instructs them to call a listed phone number to reach a Microsoft employee.

Police are urging residents not to call these numbers or provide any private information to the scammers.

The department advises that if anyone suspects they are being targeted by a scam, they should immediately hang up and consult a trusted family member or friend for advice.

In the unfortunate event that a resident falls victim to the scam, they are encouraged to contact the East Kingston Police Department at 603-642-5427 to file a report.

Residents should remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to help prevent others from being scammed.

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