Colchester teens rescued from frigid waters, in stable condition

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COLCHESTER — Two teenagers are in stable condition after being rescued from Colchester Pond when their canoe capsized, plunging them into icy waters on Sunday evening.

The Colchester Police Department, alongside multiple rescue teams, responded to the emergency after a 911 call at 6:23 p.m. reported the incident.

A couple walking their dog heard screams for help and directed the teens to shore, providing their own dry clothing to combat the onset of hypothermia.

Upon arrival, two Colchester police officers and a retired firefighter reached the individuals on the north side of the pond, roughly a mile from the nearest parking area.

They provided immediate hypothermic care until additional rescue and fire personnel arrived with more supplies.

Colchester Technical Rescue deployed boats to retrieve the teens, who were then transported by Milton and Colchester Rescue to the UVM Medical Center.

By 9:55 p.m., they were reported to be in stable condition.

Authorities remind the public that despite warmer air temperatures, water temperatures remain dangerously low this time of year, and safety precautions such as life jackets are imperative.

The Colchester Police Department extends gratitude to the couple who reported the incident and commends all emergency responders involved in the successful rescue operation.

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