Transformer explosion in Reading leads to road closure, fire

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READING — A transformer explosion early Thursday morning on Grove Street led to a road closure as Reading Police, Fire, RMLD, and DPW crews worked together to manage the aftermath.

The incident occurred when a transformer exploded, causing intense heat that set the roadway ablaze and displaced a utility cover.

The Reading Fire Department shared photos of the scene, highlighting the severity of the fire.

According to their comments, the asphalt on the road caught fire due to the heat, presenting a dangerous situation.

RMLD quickly responded by cutting off the power supply, allowing firefighters to extinguish the flames.

Despite their efforts, the heat from the fire was so extreme that even after the flames were put out, the water used to douse the fire continued to boil on the street.

Officials took to social media to inform the public of the closure and to underscore the risks associated with downed power lines.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers they present and the importance of exercising caution around them.

Crews worked diligently to secure the area and repair the damage.

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