Rye police warn of phone scam using department’s name

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RYE — Police warned residents Friday of a scam involving a caller impersonating a member of the Rye Police Department and claiming the victim had missed court.

According to the Rye Police Department, two separate individuals received calls from someone alleging to represent the department.

The scammer told the victims they had failed to appear in court and attempted to solicit personal information and money.

Fortunately, neither victim complied with the requests.

In one instance, the caller fraudulently used a name from the department’s roster and provided one of the actual Rye Police Department phone numbers.

Both victims were given the same callback number, 603-968-0968.

Upon investigating the number, an officer contacted the caller, who identified himself as a sergeant from the 10th Circuit Court – District Division – North Hampton.

The individual promptly hung up when pressed for his name.

A second call to the number went to voicemail, claiming to be for the court.

By the third call, the number had been disconnected.

Rye Police Department officials emphasized that they do not request payments over the phone for court proceedings and urged the public to remain vigilant against such fraudulent activity.

Residents are encouraged to report suspicious calls to the Rye Police Department at 603-964-5522.

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